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Installing the new motor

Most conversions retain the ICE-mobile’s original tranny.  The Miata is no exception.  Around town, we will probably only use 2nd gear, and never have to touch the clutch.  Once out on the freeway, we’ll be grateful for a 4th gear.

So it logically flows that the interface between the old tranny and the new motor is the car’s stock flywheel and clutch assembly.

Take off that starter ring!


The toothed ring around the flywheel is to engage the starter motor.  It is pressed onto the flywheel with an interference fit; think of ring as a very tight spring around the flywheel.  A few seconds with a Dremel will remove most of the metal.  It isn’t possible to cut the ring completely off without cutting the flywheel.  Do not cut into the flywheel.  After removing as much metal from the ring as possible, a good whack with a hammer will break it.

Ring off

We chose a AC Propulsion AC-35 for our conversion.  It is less power than the AC-50, but it is more torque and lighter.  This means we will have greater acceleration, at the sacrifice of top speed.  We should still be able to pass cars on the freeway….

An AC-35 with the flywheel adapter already installed. The adapter plate that will fit the Miata tranny and the AC-35 is sitting off to the left.

The adapter plate came from  Here’s the motor assembly ready to be lifted into the car.

AC-35 ready for the clutch.

You’ll note that the flywheel has been resurfaced.  You can also spend the cash and get a new lightweight flywheel.  With the clutch installed, it is ready to be lifted into the car.

Ready to be fitted into the car

The donor car had about 130k miles on it, and for all I know, it was the stock clutch.  So, I bought a brand new one.

Gimme Batteries!

There is the motor in the car.  The mounts are from  In this photo, the mounts are not yet painted, but, I took care of that.  They are now fire engine red.  And shiny.

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